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Skateboard Bearings Online: Find The Best For You

Being a Skating enthusiastic you may be tired of searching the appropriate and variety Skateboard decks and accessories online. If you till did not visit the 420SkateStore your search would not come to an end. A wide range of Skateboard Decks and accessories are available in the store with fascinating variety in affordable price.

Items Available

Skateboard Trucks 1In 420SkateStore, you can find some distinguished New Skateboard Desk and Best Skateboard Wheels. This store is the best one to provide you the items that suits all occasions. Both for quality and budget the store is known all across as the store is providing items for years without any adverse complaint raised by the consumer. This store is also open for you for the Skateboard Trucks with the assurance of its durability and quality.

In 420SkateStore you can have the Skateboard Bearings. Some of the exclusive and super quality, strong durable bearings available for example:

  • GIRL BLUE BEARINGS ABEC 3 rated skateboard bearings with Blue shields. Sold as a set of eight.
  • Spitfire Burner bearings – Superfast, durable and guaranteed skateboard bearings Designed specifically for skateboarding. Impact resistant removable nylon cages. Heat resistant chromium.

Some of the New Skateboard Desks available in 420SkateStore:

  • THE MILK 40oz SKATEBOARD DECK, SIZE 8.25″.made of 100% USA Hard Rock Maple wood.
  • The Zoo York Suski Spray Fade Pro Deck – 8.0″ high quality skateboard constructed from the finest materials.
  • The Palace Brady Knight Re-Up Pro Deck – 7.9 constructed from the finest materials.

The durability and strength is assured. Some of such Best Skateboard Wheels are also available in 420SkateStore:

  • CHOCOLATE OFF SQUARE SKATEBOARD WHEELS – 54MM is poured from Top grade White urethane.
  • Rasta Panda graphic is the unique feature and it is made of White urethane.

You can easily rely upon 420SkateStore without undergoing any further quandary in our mind. Now enjoy your future skating with this such top notch product from now onwards.


It Is Time To Take Pleasure In UK Online Skate Shop

cheap-skateboards-online-1If you are really fond of skating you must have hobbies to collect multiple Skateboards of different make and design. UK Online Skate Shop is the best place for you to fulfil your desire. Whether it is Figure Skating, Speed Skating or Tour Skating on ice you can purchase all kinds of Skateboards from Online Skate Store UK. If you want the best Skateboards for roller, freestyle or road skating on hard surface try the Cheap Skateboards Online on the site

There are different types of Skateboards runs on Bearings or Bushings available with different Brands. Those are time tasted brands and earned goodwill for their product over time. For example four renowned brands are there like Blind, Cliché, Primitive and Supreme. All of them are famous and accepted in the community of skaters for their functional ability and stylish design.

The colours available at present are Black, Black & White, Multicolour, White and Yellow. Those colours are superb in terms of finishing.

You can opt for any size that suits you because the ranges of the sizes are great. It is available at 6.5”, 6.75”, 7”, 7.75”, 8” and for your surprise it is also available in 7.875” size.

Details of Skateboard Available with Specifications:

  1. Primitive Shane O’Neill Spider professional complete skateboard. Venture 5.0 silver trucks. Primitive 51mm wheels. Abec 7 bearings. 1″ Allen key hardware. Deck width: 7.75″
  2. The Primitive Rodriguez Eagle SM Complete 7.875 x 31.875 is a full-fledged premium complete skateboard. Ready to roll out of the box! Features a Primitive 7-ply maple deck, Venture trucks, and Primitive wheels shielded bearings. Get a killer complete at a great price with the Primitive Rodriguez Eagle SM Complete 7.875 x 31.875
  3. The Blind Late Night Pink/Blue Complete Skateboard deck – 6.5″
  4. Cliché Skateboards Characters Youth Mini Complete Skateboard – 7.0″
  5. Cliché Complete Mr Happy Youth Skateboard Deck – 7.0″
  6. Supreme complete skateboard deck.

You can have the accessories also from the site compatible with all those Skateboards. So visit the UK Online Skate Shop site and enjoy your skating more.